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Wherever you are, dance!
  • BE WARM: Remember to stretch when your body is WARM. After the shower, while wearing warm clothes are great times to stretch!

  • HOLD IT: Remember to HOLD each stretch for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute each -- that's how your muscles will really learn to lengthen out = MORE FLEXIBILITY!

  • STRETCH OFTEN: Find times to stretch in your day while you're already doing something else, like holding a straddle stretch while reading, doing homework, or watching your favorite TV show.

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  • FUN WATER BOTTLE: Find a water bottle that you like! Something easy to carry & drink from.

  • RISE & DRINK: Drink some big sips of water when you first wake up. Keep your water next to your bed so it's easy for you to just roll out of bed and drink. 

  • GIVE IT SOME FLAVOR: Try flavoring your water with some fresh fruit slices. Strawberries and cucumbers are yummy and healthy ways to add a little flavor and make drinking more fun!


Tips & Tricks #3




  • PLIÉS: Plié means to bend at the knees. Simple pliés in second position (feet apart, turned out) are very effective in strengthening your legs! Try them slowly & make sure to squeeze all your muscles!

  • RELEVÉS: Relevé means to lift up on to the toes from a flat foot. Also known as "calf-raises". Try in first and second positions with your hands on your hips. Reps of 8 at a time -- slowly and squeeze! Then try 8 fast, then repeat! 

  • ARM PRESSES: With your arms out in second position, try pressing your arms down in small movements, while squeezing all your muscles from your back to your finger tips. Remember .. TENSION in your arms the whole time! Try in reps of 8. Rest and repeat!

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